Project Description


ORU, meaning «folding» in japanese is a giant kinetic Origami. Through motors and lights, the structure has a life of its own. Its behavior and colors change according to the real time data of the electric consumption of the city where it is exhibited. The light effects and slow movements goes with some ambiant music contributing to a smooth and relaxing athmosphere. People were invited to lay down and to contemplate the mesmerizing movements of paper and light.

A big thanks to our friends at Vibes, Ex-Machina and PROCEDE CHENEL for their technical support and help.

Want ORU in your place ? Contact us on


Want ORU in you place ? Contact us on

Project Details

  • Production

  • Support

    • L'Atelier Art Science
    • Vibes
    • Ex-Machina
  • Artistic Direction

    • David-Alexandre CHANEL
  • Development

    • Baptiste Moizard
    • Tom Duchêne
  • Sculpture in paper

    • David-Alexandre CHANEL
    • Tom Duchêne
    • Baptiste Moizard
  • Technic

    • Théoriz Studio
  • Video

    • Tom Duchêne
  • Thanks to all those people who contributed to the project and helped making it real !

    • Nicolas Fléchon (GEG)
    • Sophie Chenel
    • Jonathan Richer
  • Diffusion