Project Description

Are you my friend? is a Contemporary Art interactive robotic installation exploring the relationships between humankind and conscious robots. ASEA-IRB6 delivers its 40 years of history through 9 screens. It was the first industrial robotic arm put on the market. The visitor is invited to communicate with the machine via a simple keyboard.

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Project Details

  • Creative director

    • Clément-Marie Mathieu
    • David-Alexandre Chanel
  • Team

    • Marie-Gabrielle Mathieu
    • Clément-Marie Mathieu
    • Damien Schahmaneche
    • David-Alexandre Chanel
    • Maxime Encrenaz
  • Production

    • LIE
    • Théoriz Studio
  • Partner

    • Robotique concept
  • Booking

    • Bloom