Project Description

CRYSTALLIZED is an immersive sculpture made of steel, sounds and holographic visuals. Inspired by the chemical element of Bismuth and built from the physics laws of light, CRYSTALLIZED is a mysterious structure constantly changing its appearance from atom to liquid to crystal. People can appreciate the infinite and mesmerizing light effects of the art piece from the different points of views.

Filmed during an Art & Science residency at “La fondation Seguin”

A special thanks to Collectif Alterealiste, La Main collectif, and Fondation Seguin for their awesome support.

Booking : Visuaal

Project Details

  • Production

  • Booking

  • Support

  • Creative direction

    • David-Alexandre CHANEL
    • Jonathan RICHER
  • Visual

    • Victor DRAPEAU
    • Jonathan RICHER
    • David-Alexandre CHANEL
  • Structure

    • Julien AUBRY
    • Yves RICHER
    • La Main Collectif
    • David-Alexandre CHANEL
    • Jonathan RICHER
  • Music

    • Tristan SPELLA (Mat3r Dolorosa)
    • Victor DRAPEAU
    • David-Alexandre CHANEL
  • Video

    • Tom DUCHÊNE
    • Jonathan RICHER
  • Big thanks to all those people who contributed to the project and helped making it real !

    • Collectif Alterealiste
    • Stefano SANTAMATO
    • Charlie MOINE
    • Jean-Marc LEFÈVRE
    • Valérie LEFÈVRE
    • Maëva MOREAU
    • Gwendoline JACQUEMIN
    • Arnaud GONNE
  • Appearance