Project Description

“Fresque des Lyonnais” has been seen during Lyon Lights Festival 2013

This monumental augmentation of a “trompe l’oeil” mural painting was a world premiere. Under the direction of “Cité Création”, we created with BKYC a video and light show, animating the people on the drawing and using all drawn architecture.

This video mapping met a great success and allowed us to win our first Partners Award of Lyon Lights Festival.

Project Details

  • Team

    • Arnaud Pottier
    • Jonathan Richer
    • Etienne Guiol
    • David-Alexandre Chanel
    • Arthur Sotto
    • Fred Ozanne
    • Nicolas Paolozzi
    • Gilbert Coudène
    • Laurent Lhuilery
  • Artistic direction

    • Cité création
  • Image direction

    • BKYC
  • Videomapping

    • Théoriz Studio
  • Production

    • Light Event consulting
  • Technic

    • A.R.T.S.