Project Description

How the vote of citizens builds society?
How electoral fraud and totalitarianism prevent the development of a society thought for citizens?
Behind the notion of vote hides a will on behalf of the citizens to participate in the construction of their society. What happens when this will is hindered by a totalitarian system diverting the foundations of democracy in its profit?

This video mapping invites the spectator to become aware of these two models of society. Through animations, illustrations and typographies echoing with the typical architecture of Neue Rathaus, the citizen is invited to dive into a universe made by liberties and diversity of opinions, colored and alive, or on the contrary in an oppressive world, despising the values of Germany and Europe for the benefit of an authoritarian and alienating regime.

Reminding a period of sink for the city of Leipzig, the electoral fraud of May 1989, the project questions the role of the citizen in a democratic society and the way it participates in the construction of the city, the nation and Europe.

Project Details

  • Creative direction

    • Jonathan Richer (Théoriz)
    • Arthur Sotto (BK)
  • Production

    • Théoriz
  • Visuals

    • Arthur Sotto (BK)
    • Etienne Guiol (BK)
  • Music

    • Nessim Zghidi
  • Special thanks

    • Marit Schulz
    • Jean-François Zurawik