Project Description


“ORU means “fold” in Japanese.  A large origami hangs above your head.  This kinetic sculpture, seemingly lighted from within by lights, then comes alive by motors which generate wave movement based on a source data stream.  (Eg. Electrical consumption of the city.) The colored lights you see through the transparent paper is also generated by the data stream.

A chill is spread through the atmosphere as people are transported to an otherworldly dream state

A big thanks to our friends at Vibes, Ex-Machina and PROCEDE CHENEL for their technical support and help.

Want ORU in your place ? Contact us on


Want ORU in you place ? Contact us on

Project Details

  • Production

  • Support

    • L'Atelier Art Science
    • Vibes
    • Ex-Machina
  • Artistic Direction

    • David-Alexandre CHANEL
  • Development

    • Baptiste Moizard
    • Tom Duchêne
  • Sculpture in paper

    • David-Alexandre CHANEL
    • Tom Duchêne
    • Baptiste Moizard
  • Technic

    • Théoriz Studio
  • Video

    • Tom Duchêne
  • Thanks to all those people who contributed to the project and helped making it real !

    • Nicolas Fléchon (GEG)
    • Sophie Chenel
    • Jonathan Richer
  • Diffusion