Project Description

SHiNMu is an augmented dance show performed by ATOU dance company (Anan Atoyama). The video mapping system, the tracking technology (Augmenta) and 3D generative visuals were developed by Théoriz Studio.

SHiNMu takes spectators on an unreal, poetic and sometimes brutal world, sitting in a little ship floating on the river of their own unconsciousness.

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Project Details

  • Dance company

    • ATOU
  • Artistic director

    • Anan Atoyama
  • Dancers

    • Anan Atoyama
    • Marc Ribault
  • Generative visual / creative code

    • Théoriz Studio
  • Tracking and positioning system

    • Théoriz Studio
  • Videomapping

    • Théoriz Studio
  • Team

    • Marc Dubois
    • Andrew Sempere
    • Jonathan Richer
    • David-Alexandre Chanel